PSP2 To Have Similar CPU And GPU Of Apple’s Next-Gen iPhone And iPad

Sources close to French site have handed it some information on Sony’s PSP2, based on the handheld’s development kit, and the specs claim the portable will be using almost the same CPU & GPU combination as the rumored next iteration of iPad and iPhone.

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20 Responses to “PSP2 To Have Similar CPU And GPU Of Apple’s Next-Gen iPhone And iPad”

  1. what about an Apple console and a portable xbox 360?

  2. even after not being on the real core gaming side next iteration of apple iphone seems epic considering it can function as a phone as well :mrgreen:


    apple could built a console cuz they have slowly coming towards the core gaming side of things. Micro$oft wont be launching a handeld u need to get a windows phone 7 cuz thats the closest to being a portable Micro$oft machine.

  3. are gradually*

  4. handheld*

  5. windows phone 7 is of no use.

  6. apple shud make a console………but a 9th gen 1……….

  7. The gaming console is a cut throat business and I don’t think there is necessarily a need for another console in the industry at the moment. The majority of the world is reeling from recession and the gaming industry is on the decline. Plus the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad works perfectly fine as a mobile gaming platform and I’m particularly impressed wit Infinity Blade and RAGE HD on this platform. Case in point, I have a really long flight from Dhaka to San Francisco about tomorrow and I for once won’t be bored on a flight!

  8. @The Gaming Wiz/Mushfiqur Rahman

    Exactly, those mobile devices from Apple works great as mobile gaming platform. Why do we need Apple to make core gaming consoles like MS, Sony or Nintendo?

  9. @The Gaming Wiz/Mushfiqur Rahman

    By the way, have a nice journey and hope to see you soon as you return in February! :razz:

  10. @The Gaming Wiz/Mushfiqur Rahman,

    have a safe flight.

  11. @ wiz
    have a great journey bro………

  12. Well i had enuff probs managing the money for a ps3…so no new consoles plz…

  13. Guys forget about PSP2 its called NGP next gen portable :mrgreen: it will release in fall 2011 and read more about it here:

    P.S- Dont know why GWBD didnt put it up :roll:

  14. check the video in gamespot it shows uncharted on NGP :mrgreen: forget about 3DS i am getting this :cool: BTW HD RESOLUTION :twisted:

  15. for a full summary of NGP check this link it will show everything regarding the new portable console.


  16. 3DS and NGP is marking the end of this generation cant think of what can we expect from the next generation home gaming consoles. The new portable consoles has taken the battle up a notch :cool:

  17. i believe the next gen console won’t be releasing untill 2013.

  18. @ xlivnt
    nthing cumes out bfore 2014….

  19. @Fahim

    something will obviously come out next year its highly likely that its gonna be the successor of wii aka wii2 cuz wii is finished product nobody gives a damn about it since the 2010 :twisted: New xbox and playstation will come out in 2013 but 2014 is just way too far.

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