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About Us

Gamers World Bangladesh Blog isn’t your typical news or games review site. We won’t rehash press releases with a twist and pass them along as news. What you can expect to receive is in-depth analysis of games and the industry, opinion on current trends and a look into what the future holds. For reviews there is Gamespot, Kotaku and Joystiq is for game news but Gamers World Bangladesh Blog is the place for a unique view on the gaming industry.

A Little Bit Of History

Gamers World Bangladesh started as a hobbyist video games magazine published back in 2005. Due to the static nature of a magazine, and the huge effort required to publish on a monthly basis, it was decided to convert it to an online games portal. was officially launched in late 2005 to critical acclaim. We were featured in a number of Bangladeshi daily newspapers and magazines as the first ever in Bangladesh.

Lately, we moved our efforts from making a games portal to publishing a games blog. The blog that you are reading now was re-launched at May 2007 and seriously took off in early 2008. And that’s how Gamers World Bangladesh Blog was born. We have partnered with a number of sites and media to bring you the very best and unbiased opinion on everything about video games and technology.

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