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Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within Hits US PSN

The second PS2 Prince of Persia remake, subtitled Warrior Within, has arrived on the US PlayStation Store for $14.99 as downloadable game, after the first one of the three, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time hit the US PS Store last month. Instead of releasing all three of the remastered PS2 Prince of Persia games [...]

Sony Introduces PS2 HDTV

Meet the Sony Bravia KDL22PX300. A 22 inch HDTV that also includes a built in PS2 and DVD player. You read that right. In a clever design feature, the TV stand has a built in PS2 so you can pay your PS2 games. The TV also comes with internet video access for YouTube clips and [...]

PS3 Won’t Sell As Much As PS2, Since Competition Was Less In The Old Days, Says Former Sony Boss

Phil Harrison, former Sony boss thinks the PS3 won’t sell as much as the PS. He told that the PS2 in its days did not have so much competitors to deal with and was the ”unreachable” console in its life-span. The PS3 with competitors like Wii and the Xbox 360 will have low sales and [...]

Sony’s PlayStation Business Makes $84M Profit

Sony’s Networked Product and Services division, which houses the PlayStation business, PC and other connected devices, swung to a ¥6.9 billion ($85.5m / £53.6m) operating profit for the second quarter of the financial year, compared to a ¥59 billion ($731m / £458m) loss for the same period last year. However, sales in the game category [...]

Not Happening: Apple Not Going To Buy Sony, EA Or Anybody For That Matter

The internet went ablaze after rumors surrounding Apple’s supposed buying of Sony or EA (and a host of other candidates). Sure it seemed likely, having a cool $51 billion in cash lying around. Sorry gamers it’s not happening anytime soon. The latest BusinessInsider article has put those claims to rest once and for all: “Most [...]

PS2 Turns 10 Today

Yup that’s right. The PS2 turned 10 today in the USA. We’ve had great gaming memories together ‘ol buddy, we’ll never forget you. The PS2 launched in America on Thursday, October 26, 2000. If you’re feeling nostalgic, here is the launch footage of the PS2: PS2’s 10 Year Life Cycle Makes Sense Now – Here’s [...]

Video: How Is The Actual Game Disc Created

Ever wandered how the actual game disc is manufactured put into the box and shipped off to a retail store that we buy? Well now you do thanks to the video below. It shows the creation of the LEGO Universe DVD.

Sony Q1 2010 Report: PS3 Sales Up 118%, Software Sales At 24.8M

Previously, we reported that Sony posted a Q1 2010 profit of $342 million. Here are the updated data. Global PS3 hardware sales stood at 2.4 million for the quarter, a rise of 118 percent compared to the 1.1 million sales the machine managed in the same period last year. Worldwide PS3 hardware sales now stand [...]

Capcom Profits Drop 90.4% In Q1 2010, Income Down By 72.6%

Ouch, it must hurt being Capcom. The Japanese company reported that net sales decreased to 19,037 million yen (down 2.4% from the previous year). As for profits, operating income decreased to 1,005 million yen (down 72.6 % from the previous year), and ordinary income decreased to 216 million yen (down 94.8 % from the previous [...]

Sony Sees Q1 2010 Profit Of $342 Million

According to Japanese publication Nikkei (via ABS-CBN), Sony’s set to announce a first quarter net profit of 30 billion yen ($342 million) thanks in large part to “aggressive cost-cutting.”

Next Generation Consoles May Debut In 2012-2013, Says Ex Sony Boss

Ex Sony Europe boss and currently working for Capcom, David Reeves think next generation consoles may release as early as 2012 or 2013. In an interview with, Reeves said: “Two to three years, I reckon so. I don’t have any inside information. All the first-parties have got to be working on something. The tricky [...]

Sony: “We’re in a very good spot” with Move, 3D

Speaking with IndustryGamers, Sony worldwide studios VP Scott Rohde has said that they are “very confident” with the PS3. “We certainly hope that’s going to be the case,” he said regarding 360. “We are confident that we have a huge amount of momentum and we see that from all of our partners in the industry [...]

PCs vs Consoles: Which Is Better In Bangladesh? (Round Two)

The controversial article, PC Phobia – Is The PC Dead As A Gaming Platform? has garnered intense debate from Gamersworldbd readers. A follow up is in order. But instead, let’s take a look from Bangladeshi perspective. If you are a Bangladeshi gamer, which would be better, PCs or consoles? [...]

PlayStation Turns 15, Special PSPs To Celebrate 15th Anniversary

Wow, 15 years of PlayStation – who would have thought? December 3rd 2009 marked the 15th birthday for the PlayStation brand, with the first PlayStation being released in 1994 in Japan. A total of 125 million PSOnes have been sold to date. To celebrate the occasion, Kojima has launched a limited edition autographed white PSP. It [...]

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