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PS4 Pre Orders Outselling Xbox One, Xbox Live Ban Means You Lose All Your Xbox One Games And Splinter Cell: Blacklist Preview

Oh my, Microsoft. What have you done now? Since the Xbox One is soooo gamer friendly (it is hard to use sarcasm over the internet), it has come as no surprise that PS4 pre-orders are outselling Xbox One 3-to-2. I’m no rocket scientist here. And no gaming industry analyst either. But even a 12 year [...]

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Preview, PS4 May Have DRM On Used Games, Xbox One AMD Deal Costs $3 BIllion

Regular readers here at Gamersworldbd will know how big an RPG fan I am. So, it’s no surprise that I am really excited about The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and I’m going to get you excited too. Head on over to PCG’s massive 3 page preview and tell me you’re not excited about it. Go [...]

Uncharted 3′s New Villain(ess) Revealed

Naught Dog has released a new trailer showing a glimpse from the Uncharted 3 story campaign. The star of the show is the new villainess. Watch it below:

Future Of Gaming Graphics: Watch The Unreal Engine 3 GDC 2011 Tech Demo

Epic Games showed off what game graphics of the future generation would look like in the form of a real-time tech demo based on the Unreal 3. You can watch ‘Samaritan’ clip below but bear in mind that this is all in real time and not pre-rendered in any way. Video Games | Samaritan | [...]

LA Noire Gets “Naked City” Trailer

Rockstar has released a new “Naked City” trailer for LA Noire. Watch it below:

Challenge Tower Mode Shown Off In New Mortal Kombat Trailer

Warner’s released a new trailer for Mortal Kombat’s Challenge Tower, which gives you a look at the mode’s 300 levels. Watch the trailer below and read more on the Challenge Tower.

LA Noire Gets 12 New Screens

Rockstar has released a dozen new screenshots for LA Noire which you can check out here.

First Battlefield 3 Campaign Trailer

Yup, the campaign trailer for Battlefield 3 has been released and it’s gorgeous as anything. You can check it out below and while you’re at it read the Battlefield 3 campaign trailer impressions. Part 2 of the trailer is scheduled for March 16 2011.

12 New High-Res Portal 2 Screenshots

PCG has 12 new screenshots for Portal 2, and frankly they’re stunning. Grab them here.

Watch Over 10 Minutes Of Witcher 2 Gameplay

If you’re itching to know how the Witcher 2 looks (read: it’s amazing) and plays, this new video showing off over 10 minutes of gameplay will keep you sated. Watch it below but know that it is from a pre-beta version of the game:

inFamous 2 Screens From The “Duality” Trailer

The newly released inFamous 2 “Duality” trailer is electrifying and if you’re up for more electric action, check out the screenshots from the trailer here.

Shift 2: Unleashed Screenshots Show Some American Muscle

Love American muscle cars? Check out the new NFS Shift 2: Unleashed screenshots which show them in action.

New Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Da Vinci Disappearance Screens Emerge

New screenshots have appeared online for upcoming downloadable content pack ‘The Da Vinci Disappearance’ for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. View the screenshots here.

New inFamous 2 Duality Trailer

Sony and Sucker Punch have released a new inFamous 2 trailer showing off the moral aspects of the game. Watch it below:

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