Everything about Nintendo’s hand-held 3DS

3DS Boycott Planned By Facebook Group

This is amazing. A Facebook group’s been set up to boycott the sale of 3DS when it launches in the west next month. “The Enough Project” has created the protest, saying that it won’t support the new handheld until Nintendo stops using “conflict materials” whilst making 3DS units, adding that the company is “allowing people [...]

Nintendo 3DS Enjoys Successful Launch In Japan

The Nintendo 3DS has enjoyed a successful launch in Japan today, despite thin stock supply. According to Reuters, gamers lined up at the Bic Camera electronics store in Yurakucho, Tokyo – even though initial 3DS stocks sold out in a single day of pre-orders on January 20. Read more here. Read Kotaku’s reaction: The Nintendo [...]

Analysts: 8 Million 3DS Units Will Be Sold This Year

If Nintendo’s listening to the analysts, the firm must be pretty happy with the words coming from their mouthes concerning its latest handheld. Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey expects Nintendo to ship over eight million 3DS this year to western audiences. Read more here.

3DS: Nintendo Recommends A Break Every 30-Minutes To Prevent Eye Fatigue

Nintendo has said that if you wish to avoid getting motion sickness when playing 3D games on 3DS, take a break every 30 minutes. According to a report over on Japanese newspaper Nikkei, 3D can affect folks who are prone to motion sickness, and may impact those who normally aren’t. 3D has also been known [...]

Angry Birds Coming To 3DS

Angry birds developer Rovio is planning on bringing Angry Birds to every platform imaginable — including platforms that aren’t even out yet. Speaking with 3DSFocus on Twitter, the team confirmed plans to bring all three Angry Birds games to the 3DS as downloadable titles “later this year,” including the recently-announced Angry Birds Rio. A Wii [...]

Ghost Recon 3DS To Be Turn-Based Squad Game With “Advance Wars Feel”

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. It’s a brand new turn-based tactical game from none other than the creator of X-Com himself, Julian Gollop set as a 3DS launch title. Read more here.

Nintendo: 3DS Targeting Hardcore Gamers At Launch

Nintendo has said that 3DS and its software launch line-up are targeted at core gamers, a group it’s “absolutely” not planning on ignoring in the future. Read more here.

Gamespot Reveals Its Impressions Of Nintendo’s 3DS

Gamespot has revealed their likes and dislike about the 3DS in two separate videos. They have queued up their likes and dislikes of the 3DS from the events in Holland and North America. They also showed their views about the latest 3DS news and games. Read more here.

Nintendo 3DS Price Confirmed At $250, Releasing March 27 2011

Nintendo said today it will launch the 3DS in the United States on March 27, 2011 for $249.99. The announcements came during the company’s worldwide press events held in New York City and Amsterdam. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said that during the system’s launch window – between the launch of the 3DS in [...]

Nintendo CEO Predicts “Rocket Start” For 3DS Sales

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata expects a “rocket start” to 3DS sales in the US. “There will be not only our own software, but also third- party titles, which have the photo-realism that will satisfy Western gamers,” the exec told Bloomberg. “We expect the 3DS to get off to a rocket start, like the Wii’s debut.” [...]

Nintendo Releases Handy Fact Sheet For Some Of Its 3DS Games

Nintendo has released a very handy fact sheet for some of its first-party games heading to 3DS. You will find not only a synopsis for each of the games listed, but gameplay features as well. Read more here.

Nintendo: No Fear Of PSP2 As We Focus On ‘Unique’ 3DS

Nintendo has insisted that its confidence in the “unique” 3DS extends to paying little mind to the competition – including Sony’s PSP2. Speaking at its 3DS event in Amsterdam yesterday, Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton said the firm’s happy with what it’s offering with its 2011 handheld, and insisted it doesn’t look at “the opposition”. [...]

Hands-On Tester Calls Out 3DS Stability Issues

In the midst of a media blitz of 3DS enthusiasm, another negative note has sounded. The Geek Beat’s David Ewalt called the 3DS “extremely cool”, but expressed reservations about its augmented reality features and narrow depth of field. “The 3DS wants you to keep a distance of about 30 inches from the card, and every [...]

Nintendo 3DS: Region Lock A ‘Possibility’ For Some Software

Nintendo has suggested that 3DS software won’t be entirely region locked across the board – but confirmed the “possibility” that certain games won’t be compatible with foreign handhelds. Read more here.

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