Sony NGP: CryEngine Support Confirmed

Sony has confirmed that Crytek’s CryEngine development tools are compatible with the NGP (PSP2) portable. Read more here.

Sony NGP: XMB Dropped For Touch Screen Controls And Social Networking Factor

Sony has said it dropped the XMB user interface from NGP so that touch screens controls could be added to the handheld along with an attempt to make the device “very social network orientated”. Speaking in the latest issue of Edge, Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide studios president Shuhei Yoshida revealed that touch screen controls was [...]

Killzone NGP Being Developed By Studio Cambridge

Guerrilla Games’ senior producer Steven Ter Heide has told GamerZines that SCE Cambridge Studio is developing the NGP version of Killzone, and not Guerrilla itself. When asked by GamerZines, Ter Heide responded saying that the game is in “good hands” and they are working very closely with Cambridge to put the actual Killzone Universe on [...]

Ninja Theory: NGP “A Clear Shot At The Hardcore”

Heavenly Sword and Enslaved developer Ninja Theory has joined in and expressed their impression about Sony’s newly revealed NGP(PSP2). The UK studio, which is currently hard at work on Capcom’s reboot of Devil May Cry, dubbed DmC, has told CVG that it’s excited by the “high end capabilities” of Sony’s NGP (PSP2) and that it [...]

New NGP Trailer Shows Off First Footage Of Killzone, LBP, And More

Sony has released a nice, long reel of some of the NGP’s biggest upcoming games and as well as the newcomers like Gravity Daze. Check it out after the break:

Naughty Dog And Insomniac Not Working On Uncharted And Resistance For NGP

Both Naughty Dog and Insomniac have passed on dev duties for the Sony NGP’s Uncharted and Resistance games respectively. Instead, Uncharted for NGP is being handled by Sony’s Bend Studio, [the developer responsible for the PSP's Syphon Filter series and the Resistance: Retribution port]while Resistance’s development duties have been taken by Nihilistic Software, the company [...]

Codemasters Expects Sony NGP Price To Match 3DS

UK publishing and development giant Codemasters has told CVG that it expects the price of Sony NGP (PSP2) to be in line with Nintendo’s 3DS in the UK. “My hope [for the NGP price] is sub £200,” said Codies CEO Rod Cousens, “but I suspect something in the £229 – £249 [range] to be more [...]

Shuhei Yoshida: More Western Developed Games For PSP2 Will Be Announced At E3

By now you might wonder why there are so Japanese developers in the Publishers and Developers list for Sony’s NGP where there is only a handful of western developers spotted in the list. Well, according to SCE WWS boss Shuhei Yoshida, it’s a fact that there was more Japanese developers listed as creating games for [...]

Industry Analysts Comment And Predict About NGP And Its Price

The three industry analysts, Mike Hickey of Janco Partners, Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian, and Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter, have commented about Sony’s newly announced NGP and its price. Here are the comments from the three analysts, courtesy of Industry Gamers: Mike Hickey “We are expecting a +$250 price point for Sony’s NGP. We’re naturally [...]

Check Out The NGP’s Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted Videos

Check out this awesome video footage if you have missed out all those impressive looking games announced at the PlayStation meeting in Tokyo for Sony’s newly proclaimed PSP2 or NGP. The footage provides an early look at titles that were announced at the event such as Hot Shots Golf, Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance and Reality Fighters. [...]

Sony Says NGP’s Price Is Going To Be “Affordable” And Won’t Be Like $599

SCEE boss Andy House has told EuroGamer that the price for their newly revealed PSP2, or NGP, will be “affordable”. “I can’t put a ballpark on it in terms of figures, but what I would say is that we will shoot for an affordable price that’s appropriate for the handheld gaming space,” he told the [...]

Epic: PSP2 4 Times As Powerful As Any Other Handheld

Gears Of War creator Epic Games has claimed that the graphical processing power of PSP2 aka codenamed NGP by Sony is four times as powerful as any other handheld gaming device in existence. Epic Games studio founder Tim Sweeney explained why the PSP2′s graphics looks like next to the PS3, “This is made possible by [...]

Hideo Kojima: PSP2 Is As Powerful As PS3, New Game Coming At E3

Speaking on the stage at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting event in Japan, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima insisted that the PSP2 is indeed as every bit powerful as the PS3. “On NGP, we can enjoy the same quality as PS3.” said Kojima. “When we launched Peace Walker for PSP, this is what I said: In [...]

Sony: NGP Designed To “Blur The Lines Between Interactive Entertainment And Reality”

SCEA President and CEO jack Tretton has written on the US Playstation blog that their newly revealed PSP2 aka currently codenamed as “NGP” is designed to blur the lines between interactive entertainment and reality. “Designed to blur the lines between interactive entertainment and reality, the NGP will offer Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity. The 5-inch [...]

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