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PS4 Pre Orders Outselling Xbox One, Xbox Live Ban Means You Lose All Your Xbox One Games And Splinter Cell: Blacklist Preview

Oh my, Microsoft. What have you done now? Since the Xbox One is soooo gamer friendly (it is hard to use sarcasm over the internet), it has come as no surprise that PS4 pre-orders are outselling Xbox One 3-to-2. I’m no rocket scientist here. And no gaming industry analyst either. But even a 12 year [...]

Dog Destroys Dead Space 2 Disc, Visceral Replaces With A Signed Copy

How many ways are there to get your favorite video game signed by the developers rather than winning a contest, cornering the developers at a conference or “stalking” ‘em? Show your gratitude to a Dead Space fan named Ashley, for whom you now know a new way to do so, and that is, quite unambiguously [...]

Microsoft Encourages Geohot To Jailbreak Windows 7 Phone

When Geohot (infamous for the i-Jailbreak, PS3 Jailbreak) expressed that he would jailbreak Windows 7 Phone, Microsoft actually encouraged him by offering him a free Windows 7 phone. In a tweet, Microsoft product management head Brandon Watson said, “if you want to build cool stuff on [Windows 7 Phone], send me email and the team [...]

Sony Introduces PS2 HDTV

Meet the Sony Bravia KDL22PX300. A 22 inch HDTV that also includes a built in PS2 and DVD player. You read that right. In a clever design feature, the TV stand has a built in PS2 so you can pay your PS2 games. The TV also comes with internet video access for YouTube clips and [...]

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Code Cracked With Video, Is Reznov Really Dead?

Now most of us has finished the Black Ops singleplayer campaign. And we do know that Reznov died at the end. Or did he? A guy apparently cracked the Black Ops code, which reads “Reznov is dead. Or is he dead? There is nobody. Is He Who Says He is.” A hint at a possible [...]

Xbox 360 LT+ Firmware Undergoing Test

Team-Jungle And C4eva promised a new custom firmware named  ”iXtreme LT+” for DVD-ROMs in Xbox 360′s which will enable gamers to play the new games which have AP 2.5 on the new Kinect Dashboard update. The new firmware is nearly done and is now on testing stage by Team Jungle and C4eva.  Team-Jungle and C4eva have also mentioned that they have tested and [...]

Ex-Sony Boss: Xbox And PlayStation Could Join Forces In The Future

Dream come true, ain’t it? Sony and Microsoft joining forces to make the ultimate gaming console. And you won’t have to wait too long either. Ex-Sony Computer Entertainment deputy president and ex SCEE worldwide president David Reeves believe that this could happen within the next 15 years. David Reeves is currently the COO of Capcom. [...]

Xbox 360 DVD Drive Catches Fire

Note to aspiring modders when taking apart your Xbox 360, be careful otherwise the Xbox 360 DVD drive may catch fire! A modder by the name of iwemion was tinkering with his 360′s innards while a slip-up caused his DVD drive to catch fire: “So i had my Xbox 360 case open, and it was [...]

Microsoft And Apple’s Secret Bungie Deal Revealed

Remember Bungie before they were bought out by Microsoft; they were a Mac developer. Following Microsoft’s acquisition of Bungie, Apple’s Steve Jobs was “furious”. Former Xbox boss, Ed Fries has revealed to Develop how he had to personally broker a deal with the fuming Apple boss. “As soon as we announced we bought Bungie, Steve [...]

Rumor: Apple Taking Over Sony, EA, The Internet Is Ablaze

You might want to take this with a pinch of salt. Financial news site (as well as gaming sites) are ablaze with the speculation that Apply may be buying Sony or EA in the near future. Here’s the facts: Apple is worth $283.02 billion in the stock exchange. Sony’s worth $33.75 billion. EA just over [...]

Uncharted 3: World Of Deceit – How A Simple Fan Concept Art Set The Internet Ablaze

Who wouldn’t want Uncharted 3? But not in this way. First of all, a couple of fan artwork by Albert Ng caused Amazon France to list Uncharted 3 for release. This set the internet ablaze and many rumors came pouring in about Uncharted 3. Sad to say, Uncharted 3: World of Deceit is fake. Albert [...]

Call Of Duty Black Ops Leaked Online, Available For Download

[Update] Some sources question the authenticity of the torrent. According to torrent news site TorrentFreak, the studio was one of the first to attempt to downloaded a file posing as an Xbox 360 Black Ops full game torrent on a popular P2P site. The site runs an image showing ‘external.treyarch.com’ downloading the torrent file. The [...]

Facebook Users Play Games For 927,000,000 Hours Per Month

Here’s an advice: get some sleep. According to unofficial Facebook site, AllFacebook, who’s compiled a ton of stats with the help of Nielsen, Games.com and InsiderFacebook. 927 million hours: that’s how much Facebook users spend time playing games on Facebook with an average of 421 minutes per month. More info through the above link. Thanks, [...]

60% Of Assassin’s Creed II Players Never Completed The Full Game

Here’s an unusual stat. The Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood mission director told Joystiq that only 40 percent of players finished the game. The stat was arrived at from tracking by Ubisoft’s Uplay online service. Simard says the figure is pretty decent, (guess)timating 5-10 percent as a typical completion standard. ”We want the player to experience the [...]

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