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PS4 Pre Orders Outselling Xbox One, Xbox Live Ban Means You Lose All Your Xbox One Games And Splinter Cell: Blacklist Preview

Oh my, Microsoft. What have you done now? Since the Xbox One is soooo gamer friendly (it is hard to use sarcasm over the internet), it has come as no surprise that PS4 pre-orders are outselling Xbox One 3-to-2.

I’m no rocket scientist here. And no gaming industry analyst either. But even a 12 year old can cough up the words “higher price” and “OMG?! What is this crap? Is this DRM or are you just that stupid?!” as key reasons for Microsoft’s current situation.

Sigh. And now there’s even another reason not to pre-order the Xbox One. See, the Xbox One requires you to authenticate all games with Xbox Live. And if you get banned from Xbox Live, you lose ALL OF YOUR GAMES.

If you got banned on the Xbox Live on your Xbox 360, you lost your game profile and at worst your Xbox 360’s functionality would have been limited. You could still play your 360 games on another console. But not with the Xbox One.

In a more cheery news, fans of Splinter Cell Blacklist can check VG247’s excellent preview. It seems the series will feature more stealth and less guns blazing.

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