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Dog Destroys Dead Space 2 Disc, Visceral Replaces With A Signed Copy

at 2011.02.08
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How many ways are there to get your favorite video game signed by the developers rather than winning a contest, cornering the developers at a conference or “stalking” ’em?

Show your gratitude to a Dead Space fan named Ashley, for whom you now know a new way to do so, and that is, quite unambiguously – having your dog destroy the disc.

Yes, folks, you saw it right, ’cause it just happened lately.

While playing her brand new copy of Dead Space 2, Ashley’s dog knocked over her Xbox 360, irreparably damaging the disc. Naturally, Ashley did what anyone would do in that situation: She shared her woes on Twitter. And that’s what made her day.

Visceral art director Ian Milham spotted her tweets, asked for her address and sent her a hand-drawn picture of Isaac Clarke scolding Ashley’s dog next to a (very) signed copy of Dead Space 2 which you can see below.

Now, we actually don’t have any words to describe this, but if you have anything to say, leave it in the comments section or perhaps try to shed some scratches on your newly bought Dead Space 2 disc and share it on Twitter. Who knows, you might also get asked for your address!

Via Joystiq

5 responses to “Dog Destroys Dead Space 2 Disc, Visceral Replaces With A Signed Copy”

  1. Rabbi says:


    i also had similar problem. I got mine from IT NEXT and it was unreadable and i checked those disk in my pc and it was unreadable there too. The thing is most dead space 2 xbox 360 pirated disks available in bangladesh are not properly burned by the source so this is happening and thats why i played it in the pc. I heard people who were buying from plug & play got working dead space 2 discs.

  2. Fahim says:

    @ wasifstine
    importer(khan games collection) bought the game from sum other seller from malaysia….and the dvd quality of their discs is very bad….and i.e. y the dead space 2 doesnt work…i also had the same prob…so got a orignal copy wich i sold away…the games not that good….soooo dnt feel left out…..

  3. Wasifstine says:

    Bro, I upgraded my Xbox360 from gamesource to LT+. Bought the Dead Space 2 disc but it doesnt work. The disk appears reading and then shows open tray.. Yesterday i bought Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 which is awesum and works really fine.. I really don’t get it whats wrong with dead space 2.. Help me out.. 😯

  4. Fahim says:

    My tiger just destroyed all my games……can u sent me sum games…..LOL……Lusky girl ashley……

  5. wolfkaos says:

    what if i say that my mom got scared and knocked off my 360? ( U know, the commercial in gamespot, where 5 out of 5 moms hate dead space 😀 )

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