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Games I’m Playing Now: Amnesia, Bad Company 2, DOW 2: Chaos Rising, Torchlight, FF XIII And More

Thought I’d give you guys a heads up at what I’m playing right now and what I’ve finished in the last week or so. Now Playing: Amnesia: The Dark Descent (PC) First up is this awesome survival horror game called Amnesia: The Dark Descent from a relatively small indie developer called Frictional Games. And by [...]

Unbelievable : An Xbox 360 That Didn’t RROD Even After Being Soaked In Rain Water

This Xbox 360 got drenched in water, thrown around in a luggage across inter-continental travel and still survives 2 years without having the dreaded Red Ring of Death (RROD)

The Best Things In Life Are Free

I was feeling suicidal. I accidentally deleted 3.49 GB worth of irreplaceable data, hard-earned game saves, priceless pictures and other important files. Considering that I store all my passwords in an Access database file, and since it’s gone AWOL, I was probably locked out from many online accounts for good, including this very blog. I [...]

Is my Xbox 360 near the end of its life?

I’ve had my Xbox 360 for just over a year but now it’s showing signs of problem. I am lucky that it’s not the dreaded red ring of death. It’s that the console just freezes and requires a restart. This has happened 4-5 times in the last month alone. So, what’s the reason? It could [...]

Windows Vista Update Annoyances and How to Fix Them

So, I decided to try Windows Vista when my XP PC crashed. Windows Vista isn’t half bad after you get rid of the annoying UAC prompts. I actually like the simplicity, functions and the cool look of Vista. When I thought I had everything nailed down, I decided to update Vista. THE ANNOYANCEIt was going [...]

Give more juice to your PC and get better performance

  One of the most important (and often overlooked) component in a gaming rig is it’s power supply unit (PSU). If you have dual graphics cards set up in SLI or Crossfire or a high-end processor, then a good PSU is a must. IF YOUR PC IS BEHAVING STRANGE Often, a slow and unresponsive PC [...]

Just Signed Up For Payperpost

Just wanted to let you know that Gamers World Bangladesh Blog finally jumped into the PayPerPost bandwagon. For those of you who do not know what it is (I doubt it) PayPerPost allows you to make a buck while writing about the things you love. Well, if you own a blog then you can sign up. [...]

Less Blogging, More Gaming – A Serious Addiction

I think I have become very much addicted to blogging. I always think about blogs, what I can write for my blog, how to generate more traffic, tweak the template so that it’s more appealing to visitors and so on and so forth. In fact, I dare say that I have become obsessed with blogging, [...]

My PC Is Giving Me A Headache!

In my last post Intermittent PC Trouble [and how I solved it] I wrote that my computer would randomly restart. I thought that I had the problem figured out (it was due to my PC overheating). Although that did help to some extent but it seems that now I am facing even more weird problems! [...]

Intermittent PC Trouble [And How I Solved It]

Okay this is driving me crazy! The problem is that my PC hangs up (with an annoying noise from the speakers) and restarts for no good reason! This is not something new – it has been bothering me since the day I bought my new PC back in November 2005. I have learned to live [...]

My Xbox 360 Just Took A Bath!

As hard as it might be to believe, my Xbox 360 really did take a bath, although I was not responsible for it. You see, last Friday there was torrential rain in Dhaka city and all roads and drainage system got waterlogged (don’t ask, it happens every time it rains). This time it rained so [...]

Die Hard Oblivion Fan Get Disk error – I’ve Just Wasted 110 Hours!

Ugh! That’s why I hate consoles – because of their over reliance on the DVD drive and the DVDs itself. If anything goes kaput, then it’s game over. Worse still is the fact that a malfunctioning DVD drive in next-gen consoles is next to impossible to replace by yourself. Take my point for example. I’m [...]

Xbox 360 Can Scratch Your Game Disks!

I’ve read about this issue a couple of times online, but I didn’t find enough evidence to backup this claim. So, I dismissed it. But it seems that the Xbox 360 CAN scratch your game disks! Yep, its true. As far as you would like to avoid this unpleasant fact, the truth is that if [...]

Too Many Games, Too Little Time

I’m on a gaming overload. Can’t just find enough time to play all these games due to my exams starting (again). They never seem to end, do they? I mean about exams. Its just so boring. I have to study and miss out playing all these great games that I recently bought. Some were also [...]

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