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Qubee Introduces Campus Packagae, Wimax at 850 Taka

at 2010.02.05

Qubee has introduced the Qubee Campus package, starting at 850 Taka/month (excluding VAT) for a 128 kbps download speed.

Only students can sign-up for the Qubee Campus package. During sign-up students need to bring their school/college/university ID to sign up for the service.

Although the 128 kbps Campus package has unlimited downloads, Qubee’s fair usage policy still applies.

The higher-tier 256 kbps Campus package is priced at the same 850 Taka/month but with a 5 GB monthly download limit. Installation charge is the same at Tk 4,000.

Qubee's Campus Wimax package

What is the Qubee Fair Usage Policy?

To restrict users from using up too much bandwidth (Qubee and also Banglalion) restrict the amount users can download continuously. You can download straight for 4 days (provided you keep the PC on all the time) and on the 5th day Qubee will start tracking your usage. They may decide to cap your download speeds or charge extra for the usage. To be on the safe side, take a break after every 3 days.

The fair usage policy does not apply for packages that has download restrictions (eg. 5GB for Qubee’s 256 kbps Campus connection). If you exceed your limit, Qubee will charge you an additional 0.10 Taka for every MB you download.

More details at Qubee’s official site.

42 responses to “Qubee Introduces Campus Packagae, Wimax at 850 Taka”

  1. Mohin420 says:

    Mr. isteak007,
    Why don’t you tell us how you did it?? there are many Qubee users with different packages here! people can use your hacking technique. And why are you asking for sharing our Qubee accounts??

  2. Shopno Moy Balok says:

    isteak…dear,we really wanted to believe your words…but upload speed will always be 1/4th of download wont have to do anything to boost your upload speed.Moreover..i comply with all of your words…if QB cheat with us..why we can’t?…me with some of my friends are working to break the limit…hope for the best.Be assured i won’t show any “Photoshopized” screenshot…rather orginal one will be shown.
    Thank You. πŸ˜›

  3. Rabbi says:


    “BTW, I have been ATI/Radeon fan for life and just got a XFX 5870. Love it! ”

    Great news πŸ˜€ its time to pound those games in direct x11 not to forget Crysis 2 πŸ˜› in Direct X11 :mrgreen:

    “Yeah, that was shocking indeed. However, I thought they would kill Radeon. That would have been a major blow. But, it will just say β€œAMD Radeon” instead of β€œATI Radeon”, so, yeah, not a major change as Radeon is still there.”

    Still it will take time to get used to Amd radeon.I heard amd did that as they are planning to bring a component by fusing their cpu and gpu’s therefore they changed the good old radeon moniker.Cant wait to see those upcoming CPU and GPU fused equipments from amd reminiscent to the Xbox 360 valhalla chipset aka xbox 360 slim mainboard.

  4. @Rabbi

    “AMD Kills ATI Brand 😯 😯 :shock:”

    Yeah, that was shocking indeed. However, I thought they would kill Radeon. That would have been a major blow. But, it will just say “AMD Radeon” instead of “ATI Radeon”, so, yeah, not a major change as Radeon is still there.

    BTW, I have been ATI/Radeon fan for life and just got a XFX 5870. Love it! :mrgreen:

  5. xlivnt says:

    @Rabbi – it’s tough to believe that bd will be on par with usa in terms of internet from 3 yrs from now.. 😐 😐
    but lets hope for the best.

  6. isteak007 says:

    seeing is believing

  7. isteak007 says:

    if you share your qubee user name i will remove your speed limit too

  8. isteak007 says:


    Man, This is not Fake…..i just wanted to share it…..
    in qubee website or their paper(terms & conditions). their is nothing about removing speed limit…
    and if you do something like that it wll be illegal

    so why you marked it as illegal ❓ ❓ ❓ ❗ ❗

  9. sng425 says:

    @The Gaming Wiz/Mushfiqur Rahman

    Bro, he’s just a dissembler(isteak007) don’t believe him and this is just a feign. And even if its true, I don’t think it would be legal to do so, he will probably get banned. I think he should perceive that what he’s doing is completely unfair and inequitable and he should stop it right away.

  10. Rabbi says:


  11. Rabbi says:


    LOL! extra 16gb u must have been charged hard.I must admit that every month i also break the 30’s too downloading games and useless crap from the internet.Now its time for u to rejoice no more extra charge no more thinking about bandwidth limit.From this month make ur mark 😎 make qubee suffer πŸ˜† but dont forget to upgrade the package to sky cuz there are some hassles for upgrading btw :evil:.Like u must accept their fair usage policy terms and other shits.It took me 3 days to upgrade to the 512 sky line due to the face of the higly isolated customer care.

  12. @Rabbi

    And qubee has removed the 20gb cap of 1mbps package and are now offering 1mbps sky at that price. 😯 😯 😯

    What? Just last month I got charged for downloading, I am ashamed to admit :mrgreen: 36 GB on my 1 Mbps package.

    You’re right. I saw the Sky offer, LOL, preparing to make a local copy of the internet :mrgreen:

  13. Rabbi says:


    dont worry its really sooner than we think.I predict lot of things is gonna change a year from now like 1mbps sky will cost 2 and half thousand.And believe me or not within 3 years our country will be on par with the usa counterpart of now.

  14. Rabbi says:


    First of all the upload speed of the 1Mbps package is around 256kbps i.e around 30KB/sec.Because the upload speed is 1/4th of download speed.Contact qubee representatives if ur getting lower than what is being dubbed.And dont blame qubee cuz qubee buys bandwidth from btcl and the rate btcl is offering them varies the tags the price we pay plus their profit.Blaming qubee is useless for this matter.Our country’s internet infrastructure needs be much better before giving those high speeds to mainstream.Within 2 years all these issues will be sorted out.And qubee has removed the 20gb cap of 1mbps package and are now offering 1mbps sky at that price.There are some tempting offers on the table on qubee right now u better check out the latest offerings like 1mbps 5gb cap line at 2250tk even 512kbps 5gb cap line on 1250tk.Just check it out asap πŸ˜›

  15. isteak007 says:

    @ Rabbi
    Thank you for your comment.
    Can u tell me why qubee is cheating with us?
    Under 1Mbps connection why I can not upload at 128kBps?

    They sell USB Wimax Modem , when they have a poor quality of network service……but pls see the bills….
    5000+ tk for 1Mbps with 20GB limit!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and now you are telling for a custom connection……..
    It appears that you have a lot of money to waste
    if qubee can cheat with us why i cant?

  16. xlivnt says:

    I agree with you bro. That paying 5000tk is not enough for 16 Mbps.
    but paying 5000tk isn’t enough for 1 Mbps either. So Qubee should at least make the offer unlimited (more than 20gb).
    Or hackers will always try to hack the connection.

    God knows when our country will have a good isp like USA or even India…

  17. Rabbi says:


    Its good ur getting such speeds but keep in mind that vague hack of urs to urself dont make people out here or anywhere else to be deluded like u enough to get what they dont deserve.And this kinds of hacks puts people in the vulnerability of getting banned or bricking their modem.So please dont post such things for a temporary guilty pleasure experience and the inevitable banning of their account i.e ur hurting people.Peace!

    Note: If anyone needs high speeds like those get a custom connection from qubee and pay for it rather than stealing it.

  18. Rabbi says:


    Dont trust that bro.Even if its true Qubee will know of it soon and will surely ban your connection.And by judging by his upload speeds he must be using a 256KBPS or 128KBPS connection.Cuz the upload speeds are under 0.10mbps in 256kbps or 128KBPS connection what a lie of 1mbps connection.We must be happy what we get.It might be another photoshop work you know what i am saying.On a side note even though i use a 512kbps connection sometimes my speedtest result gets like 2 or 3mbps even though i dont get that speed.It must be a bug report πŸ˜†

  19. isteak007 says:

    i can download at 2000 kilo byte per second not kilo bit.
    and if i share it with you publicly, Do you have any idea what will going to happen? Qubee will going to find that bug. but i can share it privately…..
    and i know that “sharing is caring”

    and today speed drops at 10Mb/s
    & upload speed is same :sad:

    i use 1Mbps Package too

  20. @isteak007

    Oh, I see. But you still haven’t told how you did it. Share with us so that we too can do it.

    One thing is that your claims do not match with your SpeedTest result. You claim you can download at 2000kbps which is (2000/8) = 250 KB/s. But your SpeedTest result shows 16.48 Mb/s which is (16.48*1024/8) = 2109 KB/s or 2 MB/s!! ❓ ❗

    Now, SpeedTest results may not be accurate but that much of a difference is just absurd. And, please stop spamming other sections with your Qubee speeds. πŸ˜›

  21. isteak007 says:

    Qubee Do not use SSL2. They Have No Idea about it.

    But Their Hardware maybe Omron use SSL2 Encryption to limit our speed. But I don’t Understand how to remove limit from Upload speed…………Then it will be great :mrgreen:

  22. pisonline says:

    1mbps 2588BDT monthly … …* Modem (Shuttle, Dongle or Gigaset)* Service Provider Qubee (Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd.)

    Qubee Wimax Connection with Modem (Gigaset SX682 or USB Dongle or USB Shuttle) 3000 Dhaka

    Modem & 1stMonthly Fee (Total Price to New Customer BDT)

    QUBEE 256 Kbps 5 GB 3,000 850 +15% VAT 3,978
    QUBEE 256 Kbps 10 GB 3,000 950 +15% VAT 4,093
    QUBEE 256 Kbps Sky 3,000 1,250 +15% VAT 4,438
    QUBEE 512 Kbps 5 GB 3,000 1,250 +15% VAT 4,438
    QUBEE 512 Kbps 10 GB 3,000 1,450 +15% VAT 4,668
    QUBEE 512 Kbps Sky 3,000 2,250 +15% VAT 5,588
    QUBEE 1 Mbps 5 GB 3,000 2,250 +15% VAT 5,588
    QUBEE 1 Mbps 10 GB 3,000 2,750 +15% VAT 6,163
    1 Mbps Sky 3,000 5,250 +15% VAT 9,038

    open everyday
    Please call:
    PIS Online
    (Qubee Authorized Distributor)
    Cell: 01552328543
    IP Phone: 09611200020
    e-mail: [email protected]

    We also provide Networking Services, IP Phone Registration, Router, Switch, Hub, Anti Virus (KasperSky)

  23. @isteak007

    Whoa, how did you manage to do that? 😯 😯

    As far as I know, SSL is used on websites to encrypt data and SSL2 support has been dropped from Firefox 2 days (it is insecure). Moreover, why would Qubee use SSL2? They would just limit your line from their side (hardware) and not depend on software solutions. Correct me if I am wrong though.

    Which package do you use? Currently, I’m on the 1 Mbps package.

  24. isteak007 says:

    Guys Today i just successfully remove my download speed limit on Qubee Wimax by hacking SSL2 encryption. Now i can download at 2000kbps.(unbelievable Huh?)

    See speed test result

    But the bad news is i can’t remove my upload speed if anyone know how to do it please contact [email protected]

  25. Qubee wimax USB/Gigaset Modem with Internet Connection? (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

    PLS Call: 01912709559, 01716637474.

    Monthly Connectivity:
    * Student 128 [email protected]+15%Vat= Tk.978
    * Student 256 [email protected]+15%Vat= Tk.978 (Limit 5 GB)
    * 256 [email protected]+15%Vat= Tk.1438(Sky is the limit)
    * 512 [email protected]+15%Vat= Tk.2588(Sky is the limit)
    * 1mbps @5250+15%Vat= Tk.6038.

    Location: Dhaka.


  26. Qubee wimax Modem with Internet Connection?

    PLS Call: 01912709559, 01716637474.(Home service)

    Monthly Connectivity
    * Student [email protected] + 15% Vat = 978
    * Student [email protected] + 15% Vat = 978 (Limit 5 GB)
    * [email protected]+ 15% Vat =1438(Sky is the limit)
    * [email protected]+ 15% Vat =2588(Sky is the limit)
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  27. PIS Online says:

    Qubee Wimax Connection with Modem 3000 taka
    Monthly Connectivity
    Student [email protected] + 15% Vat = 978
    Student [email protected] + 15% Vat = 978 (Limit 5 GB)
    [email protected]+ 15% Vat =1438(Sky is the Limit)
    [email protected] 2250+ 15% Vat =2588(Sky is the Limit)
    [email protected]+ 15% Vat =6038(Limit 20 GB)
    We also provide Networking Services, Router, Swith, Hub, Anti Virus (Authorized Distributor, KasperSky)
    Please call: πŸ˜‰ PIS Online πŸ˜‰
    (Qubee Authorized Distributor)
    [email protected]

  28. MAFIUL.COM says:

    I think modem should be free! Or the price should be subsidized like other telecom package!

  29. z^FREAK says:

    Well after a 8 day wait I finally got my QB installed and it seems the store I bought the QB modem from (Uttara North Tower) did NOT inform QB of my purchase until they had a few more customers in Uttara. I mean WHAT? but anywho, its here now and its working great so I can’t complain on performance but the installation was a major pain.

  30. @z^FREAK

    Contact Tanvir Firuz (the guy who set up my connection) @ 01976 672096

  31. Rabbi says:

    they came to my house after the 4th day of purchase.

  32. z^FREAK says:

    Just thought I’d give everyone a heads up about Qubee’s “installation time” are killer… when they say “72 hours” they mean it!!… it’s been two days since I paid 6588Tk for 512 connection and still no sign. I called them up a couple of times and they go like “we are working on an engineer to get to your location as soon as possible”. I called up a friend of mine and he said he knows people who got their connection AFTER a week of sign-up… what the hell man? not cool QB.

  33. Visitor says:

    That’s pretty unlucky. In some countries, though, there is no such policy in place. At least, not that I know of (I’ve used services from all the ISPs in my region throughout my life). I know I’ve always had torrent traffic throttled, but other than that, I keep my computers on 24/7 (we have no power failures so it’s safe) and always downloading (legal) content at max speed over sectioned downloads.

    If you’re mentioning France, I would guess Australia has it too, because their internet services (especially mobile broadband) aren’t really that flexible either.

  34. Saad says:

    Fair Usage Policy is applied on all Wireless broadband operators in the world, even though they are unlimited! My friend in France, who’s using Orange’s Livebox received his first warning when he crossed 75GB in a week on his 2mbps wireless line!! Luckily, Qubee’s FUP isn’t much strict since they would track bandwidth usage IF AND ONLY IF one downloads continuously straight 5 days as mentioned elsewhere on gamersworldbd.

  35. Visitor says:

    Actually, Qubee is pretty good with words. “Freedom of Download” implies precisely that – it does not mean “download at will”. A similar analogy would be politics – a free state where anyone could do anything for however long would lead to anarchy (which is not freedom at all).

  36. sng425 says:

    Didn’t like the “Fair usage policy” at all !

    also it doesn’t make sense….on one side it says”Freedom of Download” & on the other side,it will track ur usage if u exceed the “Fair usage Policy” !

  37. Reza says:

    thik i bolesen..Qubee campus is targetted at students mostly..and look at the monthly fee and modem price…it’s not making sense much…do not match with each other….just low the modem price down to 2500/3000 /= (or even lower)it’ll look better fit on the package. :smile:

  38. Visitor says:

    ^ Why not? A family whose children are all young, they are better off with that plan. Modem prices are always in that range (actually much lesser, but service + installation included).

    Hmm..that “Fair Usage Policy” is really sick. It isn’t true broadband. But hey, at least they didn’t state “Unlimited”, so they’re right to impose whatever they want.

    I remember their official site had “Freedom of Download” for the Campus package, but “Sky” for the rest (just a few days ago). Now the Sky has changed to “Freedom of Download” as well.

  39. Nasif says:

    Still nobody will spend 4000 taka for modem in order to use the QUBEE campus package…

  40. Anime says:

    Can You Tell me Wimax Service in banggladesh in 2010,2011,2012,2013 Year ?

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