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New Xbox 360 Slim Shutdowns Automatically To Prevent Overheating

at 2010.06.22

A new feature for the Xbox 360 Slim has surfaced. It seems that Microsoft has a built-in feature to detect whether the Xbox 360 is overheating due to improper airflow and automatically shutdowns to prevent possible hardware failure.

Destructoid reports: “If the 360 detects that it isn’t getting enough ventilation, it will give the player a warning message before entering shutdown mode, whereupon its power light will flash. The system can then be switched on again once the light ceases to flash.”

Xbox 360 Slim Overheating Message

Thanks to Gamersworldbd reader Rabbi for the tip.

33 responses to “New Xbox 360 Slim Shutdowns Automatically To Prevent Overheating”

  1. sng425 says:

    @The Gaming Wiz/Mushfiqur Rahman

    I don’t know whether the slim Xbox 360 uses a universal power brick or not as I’m still quite subtle about it.


    You didn’t say anything about whether your 360 is modded or not. Since you bought it from USA, I’m guessing that you’re a legit owner of your slim 360 and your 360 is still unmodded. As long as your warranty period is active you can always call for support from MS, so why aren’t you calling for support? Perhaps you can send it back to USA for a repair, instead of searching for it in Bangladesh as it’s going to be very hard to find it here in Bangladesh right now.

  2. @sng425

    He said he got his 360 Slim from the US. So, I’m guessing he’s talking about a 220V to 110V power converter. Does the Slim 360 use a universal power brick? ❓ I still use a power converter with the Elite I got from US.

  3. sng425 says:


    It’s true that you’ll have a hard time finding an ac adapter for the 360 slim as it hasn’t arrived so amply in Bangladesh. But I still wish you best of luck for that. By the way, Were you using a converter for your Xbox 360 slim?(you’ve stated that your brother accidentally plugged in it without a converter). As far as I know, the Xbox 360 doesn’t need any specific converter to work, then which converter were you talking about? however, always remember that the power brick can also be burned due to an inadequate power supply system as well. So always make sure that you have enough or sufficient power supply on the source that you’re using. Though I’ve heard that the power consumption rate has been reduced to 20% less on the new slim 360 to prevent and moderate excessive power consumption.

    Anyway, you can check the official site of Xbox for support –

    See if you can troubleshoot the problem from there.

  4. @Aymanwahed

    Ouch. That can be a very expensive mistake, I’m afraid. :sad: Still, I’m hoping that the power brick burnt out and the actual 360 is fine. You can try searching SOF, or Bashundhara City, but I’m not sure they sell it. And I’m even not sure the 360 Slim is available in Bangladesh. Still, good luck to you.

  5. Aymanwahed says:

    Hey, I just bought my xbox 360 slim from USA and my little brother plugged it in without a converter and the ac adapter made a pop sound and smoke was coming out of it. Does anyone know where i could get an ac adapter for my american xbox 360 slim? I will try to call SOF in a while.

  6. sng425 says:


    I beg to differ ! 👿

  7. snakefist30 says:

    Dude every1 has a ps3 and a 360.But I got 2 360s other 1 dead and the other I dont no when its gonna die.Then I bought the ps3.Ps3 is the best and always it got free online and hav tons of exclusive games like Uncharted 2,God of War 3,Killzone 2 and 3,Gramd Turismo 5,Heavy Rain and Infamous 1 and 2 and it only does everything.360 [This portion has been moderated] they only redesigned it and still isnot reliable and pay to play LIVE tats insane u can play for 1 month then u hav to pay $10 even though create another account u hav to pay $1 for it were ps3 u can play forever its free online and even though there adding psn+ they r still keeping online gaming free.

  8. @xlivnt

    The most damaging to your 360 (and indeed any electrical components) are voltage spikes – those uneven voltage fluctuations that cause the lights to dim, etc. etc.

    Your best bet is to get a voltage stabilizer as Rabbi said. UPS also can prevent damage to your 360 should the power fluctuate but its not guaranteed. In the most extreme case your UPS will take the most damage should such a high voltage fluctuation occur and leave your 360 alright.

    I use a 220V to 110V power converter for my 360 since I got it from abroad. Last year a lighting storm hit and the power converter burned out. Thank god, otherwise my 360 would be toast.

    Anyway, multi-plug or wall socket? I would say mult-iplug but then again it doesn’t provide any sort of protection since it just extends the power line from your wall socket. When buying a multi-plug get those high quality ones with thicker cables. Again in my case, the muti-plug connector at the wall socket burned out for some reason. I got strange smells and couldn’t locate it since the multi-plug worked fine. Only after did I realize that connecting too many electrical components to the same multi-plug causes too much load and it fails.

    Hope my experience helps!

  9. Rabbi says:

    @ xlivnt

    in my opinion if you have a UPS or a stabilizer rout your xbox 360 connection through it to the wall socket.But taking note of your exact question use a plug to connect your console to power rather than the wall socket.

  10. xlivnt says:

    @the situation,
    what say guys is it better to plug an 360 to a multi plug or a wall socket

  11. TheSituation says:

    ** Will be available when new custom firmware is available **


    the link was helpful yes, but its also stated that the modded consoles will be available when THERE IS A FIRMWARE. ITs written in red in the link you provided bro.

    Anyways if there is a firmware (there isnt yet) BD will get it instantly. Atleast SOF will.

  12. Rabbi says:

    @ sng425

    Thanks! sng425 :mrgreen:
    Out of my experience Xbox 360 is a very sensitive console and to have this console last well will take a lot of extra work and stuffs.

  13. sng425 says:

    I think Rabbi is right. If the console’s power port gets damaged it won’t turn on unless it gets repaired. And as long as talking about the precautions, I completely agree with Rabbi, Its wise to use an UPS or something like that, So that the console will be safe from any type of electrical power failures. And doing so will also ensure the safety of your console from this type of problems as well.

  14. Rabbi says:

    @ The Gaming Wiz

    Yes,thats what i was exactly thinking.From simple logic its because of the power port of his 360 could’ve been damaged by some electrical (Chances are high) or physical way.So when the power is sent to that exact 360 by the power supply it doesnt get power as it’s the console’s fault and simply doesnt turn on.Thats why its better to use console using precautions like UPS,etc to be saved from hazards like power surges.

  15. @Rabbi

    Thanks for the info bro. Guess I missed the update and didn’t read the description. Anyway, it’s really strange that the power brick will not work properly on that guy’s slim 360 but work with his friends. Could the power port on his 360 be damaged?

  16. Rabbi says:

    @ xlivnt

    never had it when i had a 360.Never seen a red power brick light but only saw orange and green leds on it during its lifetime.Maybe this kind of rare problems are still present.Only time will tell but nevertheless the new 360 rrod issue is still lowered from before :mrgreen:

  17. xlivnt says:

    well i don’t think its an new issue see this video

  18. Rabbi says:

    @ xlivnt

    maybe it’s just a rare issue.Maybe the motherboard was fried due to power surge or something.So the power brick was unable to get the power to the console.If its a new kind of failure microsoft have introduced this time around only time will tell.Anyway lets be optimistic and hope that this was due to some power surge or somthing pesky behind the scenes.

  19. xlivnt says:

    Well i think microsoft has learned their lesson. Its either the power supply or the users fault. But if it actually is the truth then its sad. It might be posted by a ps 3 fan boy also.

  20. Rabbi says:

    * @ The Gaming Wiz

  21. Rabbi says:

    i know that but u should see the update he posted later on his youtube video description.

    “UPDATE: 6/21 After speaking with Microsoft they opened an order for me to send it to them. Concluding that it had to be the Console itself, because we had tried 2 different power supplies and both Red Lighted. But the same 2 power supplies would work on my friends new 360 model S. They could not expedite the process and would take 2 to 3 weeks. As well they would not compensate me for any frustration which I’m ok with now but because of the bad PR I would’ve thought they be willing to make a loyal customer happy.

    I did inform them that I would be documenting the hardware failure on youtube and anywhere I could get it published. That didn’t help to make them move things along any faster.

    She advised me to check with my local retailer Game Stop where I purchased it from and see if they could do a system Swap. I advised I would check but since I had searched for 2 systems over the weekend in a 30 mile radius most places were out of stock and had told me that they didn’t know when they would be getting anymore back in and the only thing I could do was check day to day.

    On Monday morning my local game stop manager spoke with their district manager after I informed her of what had gone on. The DM found a store who had just gotten a new one in stock. They held it for me until I could pick it up.

    When I took the dead 360 model S to gamestop she tried the same thing that I did. She hooked the 360 up using the console and the a/v cables to their equipment and it would not power on. The Brick red lighted.

    I asked her if she would mind testing the new brick from the new console on the dead 360. It also red lighted.

    So after this I made the swap and headed home with my 2nd Model S 360 in 3 days and everything is working now but I’m keeping an eye on the system.

    That’s it for now everyone.”

  22. @Rabbi

    That is actually the power brick overheating rather than the slim 360 console itself. You can watch the video @

    The power supply light turns from green to red and the console doesn’t power on since the power brick can’t provide power. How the power brick overheats is beyond me. But, as usual, the media has blown this way out of proportion.

  23. Rabbi says:

    “Microsoft has responded to claims that the latest iteration of the new Xbox 360 Slim is prone to overheating, resulting in the so-called rdod ‘red dot of death'”


  24. Rabbi says:

    New Xbox 360 slim failure rbod “The Red Brick Of Death”


  25. xlivnt says:

    Thanks for the info bro :mrgreen:
    Well but did you check the link i posted it shows they already flashed a new xbox 360.
    Well but its gonna take 1 or 2 months for BD to learn it.
    And are the new 360’s shipping in BD?

  26. xlivnt says:

    I THINK THIS RUMOR IS FAKE. OR the person who had this problem didn’t ventilate his xbox 360 well. Maybe he exposed it to dust and kept it in carpet. If it actually does shut down automatically to prevent any hard ware failure then it can be considered like a PC. Most laptop shuts itself down when over heating .

    Xbox 360 also has its advantages.

  27. TheSituation says:


    hahaha wrong section, wrong post and clearly this type of fanboy-ism bullshit can get you nowhere. Dont be a hater be a gamer man.

    ps. I have both

  28. Rabbi says:

    @ snakefist30

    Bro,its not about winning its about the experience and both the console has done it successfully over the last few years :mrgreen:

  29. snakefist30 says:

    no blu ray
    no bluetooth
    no web browser
    no DVD upscaler
    no hdmi 1.3
    no 7.1 surround
    no native 3D
    games on multiple discs
    worse graphics then ps3
    makes more noise then ps3 even when you install game on HDD
    still bigger failure rate
    still scratching discs
    stil batteries for controller
    still disc tray
    still external power brick
    still terrible D-pad on controller
    you can’t transfer almost nothing on HDD unlike ps3
    only microsoft’s HDD-130$ 250GB, on ps3 90$ 500GB
    still 50$ per year to play online

    360 hdd standard : 250gb
    ps3 hdd standard : 500+

    ps3 wins with more storage + high definition disc format
    360 doesnt win lower storage + not high definition format storage capacity

  30. TheSituation says:

    Actually it might take some time this time around as the new iXtreme LT’s for Benq and Samsung released on June 13th.

    It takes a lot of programming and there is only 1 (one) group of modders who brings out fimwares for the 360. That is Team Jungle; creators of Jungle flasher and the pioneers also the current leaders in soft modding the 360.

    Fact: the Xbox 360 250gb S has a Philips DG-16D4S FW VER: 9504. Never before seen model with the same mechanism as the original but with different acoustic setup and read speed specs.

    Previous models such as the generation first Hitachi,Samsung,Benq and Liteon will slowly die out as the 360 production has stopped. Only the Xbox 360 S is being produced since E3. So you might want to hold onto your old 360s for a while till the new one has a new LT mod or equivalent.


    Once the new 360 S has a custom firmware in BD’s market, expect current users to try and sell their current systems on ClickBD or some site for cheap. For people who just cares for the game not the upgrades, good news for you.

    you can follow team jungle’s twitter for updates:

    or google to know more about them

  31. Rabbi says:

    @ xlivnt

    dont worry the custom firmware should come out by a month at this rate :razz:.

  32. xlivnt says:

    there are already rumors about new xbox 360 slim’s mod and flashing have a look at this preflashed xbox 360 which can also play back up disks

  33. Rabbi says:

    @ The Gaming Wiz

    Its one of the best reasons to buy the xbox 360 slim.Xbox 360 slim is just like windows 7 which fixed the windows vista screwups of M$ in the end of last year :smile:.

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