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Sony Releases PS3 Firmware Update 3.42, Disables PSJailbreak And Other Hacks

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at 2010.09.07
With 6 Comments

Sony has just released a new firmware update 3.42

Judging by the incremental version bump, it is a relatively small update.

However, it’s been confirmed that the update disables all variants of the USB-hub emulating exploit (PSFreedom, PSGroove, PSJailbreak).

The update also adds “additional security features”.

6 responses to “Sony Releases PS3 Firmware Update 3.42, Disables PSJailbreak And Other Hacks”

  1. Rabbi says:


    the pc version may get a higher score cuz it jumped to a nex gen engine from a last gen one and the most changed version of fifa this year.But the console version will still be the dominant at ea with personality+ pro passing more animations more authencity i.e, better than the pc version.Dont forget be a goalkeeper and the new revampted mode known as career mode is only avaiable in console.Played the fifa 11 pc demo it looks like a a bit better than fifa world cup 2010 on the consoles.You can wait still the console is the winner like always in the past in fifa series of games.Its ur to decide though….. :mrgreen:

  2. sng425 says:


    I usually get all the fifa titles on PC, but last time I got it for the Xbox 360, and the experience wasn’t so bad. But I’m still confused between these two platforms and I can’t decide whether I should get it for the Xbox 360 or the PC. So I’ve decided that this time I’ll wait for the scores by the critics to ascertain which platform is going to be best for me(Even though scores don’t differ that much from platform to platform in this type of games but I’ll still wait). :mrgreen:

  3. Rabbi says:


    fifa 11 xbox 360 version has appeared on torrent sites and no sign of pc version as of now.Get ur xbox 360 copy asap.Have a good time :mrgreen:

  4. Rabbi says:


    It will happen as ps3 is coming off its stride but not so soon.Someone was selling the jailbreak for 6000tk at clickbd who says he has 100 pieces.Another guy on clickbd was giving a preorder for the jailbreak for 15000tk with 10 free games.I am pondering for some reliable source like the shops to bring it in.

  5. sng425 says:


    Since once it has been(the previous firmware) hacked, there’s no doubt that those group of hackers will now again try to hack the new 3.42 firmware which disables the hack. And don’t know why somehow I’m getting a feeling that this time they’ll succeed again. :mrgreen:

  6. Rabbi says:

    I am glad i am still at firmware version 3.3 waiting for this hack to hit the bangladeshi market [the mod and burned bluray games] :mrgreen:

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