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Even more PlayStation Phone Details: Uses Android OS, MicroSD, 512MB Memory

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at 2010.10.30
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More details on the rumored PlayStation phone has surface.

We already reported that the PlayStation phone is codenamed “Zeus”.

Now, Engadget has more details: the handset pictured below is running Android 2.2, though apparently there are multiple devices out there with different versions on board (including at least one packed with Android 3.0).

The device appears to have an 8GB microSD card slotted, and at least 512MB of internal storage.

The handset is around 17mm thick, or slightly thicker than HTC’s Touch Pro 2 (about the same as the PSPgo).

Tthe device seems to have more in common with BlackBerry handsets than previous Sony Ericsson phones; that smoky chrome bezel which surrounds the device is definitely giving us Torch flashbacks.

Check out the new PlayStation phone images, courtesy of Engadget:

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