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Fallout: New Vegas Get All Review Scores Here

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at 2010.10.19
With 4 Comments

Fallout New Vegas has released today on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. How has the game stood up to critics? Very good!

Get all Falout New Vegas review scores below:

[Update] Added the NowGamer and
CVG scores.

[Update 2] Added all other major review scores.
[Update 3] Added Gamespot review score.

More review scores will be added as they get published.

Fallout New Vegas Reviews

4 responses to “Fallout: New Vegas Get All Review Scores Here”

  1. @pollob

    Well the Gamespot review has been added and it scored only 7.5/10. The main reason are for the errors and crashes but Bethesda has released a patch

    I’m downloading New Vegas on PC right now, just over 1 hour left. :mrgreen: I was waiting for the patch.

  2. pollob says:

    @The Gaming Wiz/Mushfiqur Rahman

    yap, I’ve already started to play .. so far its really good. 😀

  3. @pollob

    Same with me :mrgreen: I wouldn’t care about the scores, but I’m glad that it scored good. Obsisidian also made Alpha Protocol and that didn’t score very well. So, everyone had a fear that New Vegas would turn out to be average. But it didn’t. 😀 Have you gotten your hands on New Vegas yet?

  4. pollob says:

    those scores are really great .. full of 8.5 & 9
    although for this game I wouldn’t care scores even if those were poor

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