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SOF Banani Brings PS3 Jailbreak To Bangladesh Market

at 2010.10.28

SOF Banani at UAE Market, Kamal Ataturk Avenue has brought PS3 Jailbreak modchips.

The PS3 Jailbreak will be priced at Tk 2,200 the shop told Gamersworldbd today. As of now PS3 Jailbreak only works upto firmware 3.42 3.41, firmware 3.5 is still not supported.

You can bypass games that require firmware 3.42 so you can play it on firmware 3.41. More info at PS3Hax.

The PS Jailbreak is a USB dongle. SOF will sell PS3 games at Tk 500. You will have to take an external HDD to the shop and it will load the games to your HDD. The games can be played on your PS3 via the external HDD and with the PS Jailbreak dongle.

Previously the PS3 Jailbreak was available online in Bangladesh.

SOF contact info:

34 UAE Moitry Complex, Banani
Phone: 880-2-9887384

[Update 2] Gamersworldbd reader Rabbi has said that the PS Jailbreak sold by SOF is not upgradeable and that is why they lowered the price to Tk 2,200 from its original price of Tk 5,000.

[Update] SOF couldn’t confirm whether the PSJailbreak dongle itself is upgradeable. I also asked SOF but they kept saying to search the internet. Not sure if they know themselves.

Special thanks to Gamersworldbd reader Rabbi for the tip.

14 responses to “SOF Banani Brings PS3 Jailbreak To Bangladesh Market”

  1. Tom says:

    ok i need help i m a rookie in dis kind of stuff so the thing is i own a ps3 and want to mod it i checked my ps3?s firmware and its luckily 3.41 so now my question is if i buy the ps jailbrake how do i get\buy the games, using an extarnal hdd or p-drive. i m confused

  2. shoummo1 says:

    which will be the best device to jailbreak a slim ps3??????????????????
    ps3 break v1.2 or ps3 key or p3hub or p3 go gt or what??
    plzzzzzzzzz suggest me
    i dont have problem of money

  3. @Rabbi

    Keep us posted bro, and whether it works with 3.42 games.

  4. Rabbi says:


    they are trying to create a separate network for jailbreakers some demos are still going on.Still that network wont be PSN its something else.So if u want PSN its far fetched and separate network is the possibility [still rumors].They are currently forwarding their efforts to emulation only.Jailbreak is now supported on older firmwares too not just 3.41 but upto 3.41.It will be a matter of time before it gets ported to 3.42 and 3.5 but hermes v4b patch allows to patch the 3.42 game to work on 3.41 and thats where the upgradeable thing comes in so after i get my hands on my upgradeable jailbreak i will upgrade my jailbreak to hermes v4 payload to support 3.42 games :mrgreen:

  5. @Rabbi

    “good news is online multiplayer is coming soon for jailbreakers currently the newest patches activates jailbreakers to automatically update/patch their game :grin:”

    Bro, you’re making me regret that I updated to firmware 3.5 ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Rabbi says:


    you can jailbreak ur PS3 with ur itouch u dont need a dongle like us.Another good news is online multiplayer is coming soon for jailbreakers currently the newest patches activates jailbreakers to automatically update/patch their game ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Rabbi says:


    If u want some proof and confirmation from me then wait.I should receive my PS3 Break v1.2 by 10th of November.Dont worry i will keep u posted on this article :mrgreen:

  8. zeus says:

    ok….. how can u b so sure that his jailbreaks r upgradeable ?

  9. Rabbi says:


    Glad to help! :mrgreen: ,the jailbreak in SOF are unupgradeable so they have lowered the price from 5k’s to 2.2k’s.I would urge everyone not to buy from SOF but to order genuine jailbreaks online.


    The costing should be around 7500BDT with all the charges.I have ordered mine but due to some issues my shipment will come within the next fortnight.

    Contact this guy if u want to order a genuine jailbreak from online which is upgradeable.You can even order PS3 Break v.1.2 or any jailbreak of ur choice just contact him for details.

  10. zeus says:

    how much will ur PS3 Break v1.2 cost ?

  11. @Zeus

    Nope. But you can bypass games that require firmware 3.42. More info @

    I would also say thanks to Rabbi for pointing it out to me long time ago. :mrgreen: Keep it up bro.

  12. @Rabbi

    All the questions I asked and they replied, “search it on the internet”. LOL ๐Ÿ˜† They don’t know it themselves. :roll:

  13. zeus says:

    did the shop told u anything about update? and as far as i know firmware 3.42 stops the jailbreak………..

  14. Rabbi says:


    the main question remains are those dongles upgradeable that are available on SOF? The ps3 jailbreak i bought before wasnt upgradeable therefore i had to order a PS3 Break v1.2 Upgradeable and the latest release and i should get it shipped by next week :mrgreen:

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