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How To Downgrade PS3 Firmware

at 2010.11.14
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So, you’ve just updated to the latest PS3 firmware and now cannot downgrade your firmware. You also realize that the PS3 Jailbreak does not work with firmware 3.5 and ability to use OtherOS since firmware 3.21.

The guys who made the original PS3 Jailbreak has released PS3 Downgrade which allows you to downgrade your PS3 firmware.

You can order the PS3 Downgrade which is the authorized dealer, but you also need the original PS3 Jailbreak for this to work.

The “PS Downgrade is not a new chip, but it is the much anticipated software update to the original PSJailbreak chip. The update will be available for customers who have a valid serial, of the original PSJailbreak chip.”

How it works is that you order the software and download it to your PC. You connect the original PS3 Jailbreak to your PC and update it.

You can then use it to downgrade your PS3’s firmware. However, note that it is one-time only. Meaning you cannot use it downgrade your PS3 firmware more than once.

The PS3 downgrade does not modify your PS3 and you can update to the latest firmware anytime.

Watch the video below:

Any Gamersworldbd reader who has had experience with the PS3 downgrade please post it in the comments section below, as there are still concerns about the legitimacy of the device.

Special thanks to Gamersworldbd reader Rabbi for the tip.

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