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Sony Ericsson CEO Hints At A February 2011 Reveal For The Playstation Phone

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at 2010.11.22
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When it comes to the Playstation Phone, once again, without actually confirming the existence of the Android-based gaming handset, Sony is hinting strongly at an impending reveal.

“There’s a lot of smoke, and I tell you there must be a fire somewhere,” CEO Bert Nordberg told the Wall Street Journal, adding that some sort of new Sony Ericsson product will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress this February.

“I haven’t dug into that history, but the future might be brighter,” he said when asked why the company didn’t make a PlayStation Phone years ago, and later suggested that gaming might be the ticket to help SE diversify its offerings. “Sony is of course a very strong brand, and why shouldn’t we use that?” he asked the Journal.

He also added Sony Ericsson plans to make a lot of “noise” at Mobile World Congress next February, which is a pretty strong suggestion that Sony Ericsson will be announcing this “PlayStation Phone.”

Its all just speculation and Gamersworldbd  doesn’t confirm that it will be revealed in February 2011.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

2 responses to “Sony Ericsson CEO Hints At A February 2011 Reveal For The Playstation Phone”

  1. to say the truth playstation phone is targeted towards the iphone casual gaming market. Out of all this only PSP2 riveting to me but i will keep my tabs for the playstation phone as its a sony thing :mrgreen:

  2. Nice find there bro. Now I’ll ask you this: with Google’s android phones out there, recently released Windows 7 phone and Apple’s iPhone 4, how excited are you about the PlayStation Phone? Plus there is also the PSP2 which takes care of handheld gaming.

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