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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Patch Breaks 360 Multiplayer

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at 2011.01.18

A title update released for the Xbox 360 version of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood last night briefly broke the game’s multiplayer mode, much to the internet’s displeasure.

But fear not – it’s all fixed now, promises publisher Ubisoft, which posted via Twitter: “Title update issues seem over. It looked like a server issue, thanks for you patience, have fun online!” Phew.

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16 responses to “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Patch Breaks 360 Multiplayer”

  1. xlivnt says:

    I’m gonna get my gold at the end of this month. I got the MS points from “on us” it came as an email. I guess “on us” is a sponser of xbox live. Anyway I think I got for playing GTA 4 online, cause the mail was filled with GTA 4 pics.

    @The Gaming Wiz/Mushfiqur Rahman,

    Your right about the patch thing. But patch are very useful in Fifa games, it updates the whole squad in the game.

  2. @x360assasin

    Yup, taking apart your 360 and connecting it via a split SATA cable to your PC and flashing the firmware is easy enough. Plus there are tons of guides available. Still, it’s not for the faint of heart. And soldering – that’s an entirely different story.

  3. x360assasin says:

    well..i did all the steps for a benq ( which looks same as lite-on) i find that mine’s lite-on..which requires soldering and bla bla..if mine was benq ..i wud have done it by now..

  4. @x360assasin

    Yup, it’s really really difficult (if not impossible) to do by yourself. Best to take it to a game shop.

  5. x360assasin says:

    guess i will have to wait until i come to dhaka… :sad: ..nyways thnx..

  6. Rabbi says:


    bro we cant help you on that cuz we flashed our own consoles from shop.

  7. x360assasin says:

    guys..i need a little do u flash a lite-on xbox 360 drive to LT+??? any help wud be appreciated…

  8. @xlivnt

    Yup that latest 7mb update. But as they said it was a server issue so it has been fixed without the need of a further patch. Think of it, a patch to fix another patch. :roll: I miss the PS2/Xbox era where patches were rare and far between.

  9. Rabbi says:


    thanks for letting me know :smile: i will get live gold next week i am sure you are gonna join us on the gamerworldbd brotherhood :mrgreen: and i am gonna play stealth patched games as playing originals doesnt make a difference. Nice :mrgreen: you got free M$ points

  10. xlivnt says:

    @The Gaming Wiz/Mushfiqur Rahman,

    hey bro, is this the 7mb update?

  11. xlivnt says:

    Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood indeed is a good game to buy original. But if your gonna do that only for playing online then it’s useless. Microsoft have no way to detect whether the game your playing is original or “back-up”. They’ll detect your dvd drive and ban you accordingly.

    Anyway talking about xbox live, I just got 160 MS points for free. 😎

  12. @pagla07

    Many shops will import them for you, but I’ve had bad experience. I’ve rarely found a shop that will import it on time or import it at all. If you’ve got an international credit card you can order online. If not, tell your relatives to bring one if someone lives abroad. If not, you’re out of luck.

  13. Rabbi says:


    you can contact hakim bhai on gamesource and electronics at bashunshara city. I imported some unavailable ps3 accessories and games back in the days but be sure to be charged a bit more than market price.

  14. pagla07 says:

    @The Gaming Wiz

    where can we get originals in dhaka… its soo hard to get people from abroad to bring region specific games…:S

  15. Rabbi says:


    thanks bro count me in 😀

  16. @Rabbi

    If you’re thinking of getting an original 360 game, I’d suggest Brotherhood. Its tons of fun and I’m sure you played on the PS3. I’ll renew my XBL Gold soon and perhaps, me, you, xlivnt and other GWB readers will join in. :smile:

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