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BioWare: Mass Effect 2 PS3 Much More Than A Simple Port

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at 2011.01.17
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BioWare community coordinator Chris Priestly has written a post on the PlayStation Blog outlining why the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 is much more than a simple port of the Xbox 360 and PC editions.

There he explained why PS3 gamers’ patience is set to be rewarded, “PlayStation fans have been asking for Mass Effect for years and we are very pleased to finally be bringing it to a new branch of Mass Effect fans,”


He pointed out that the in-game graphics and cinematics are clearer and more vibrant on the PS3 which makes the game much more than just a simple port, “It was also extremely important for the team to make sure playing with the PS3 controller worked and felt good. You will also see that the in-game graphics and cinematics are clearer and more vibrant on the PS3.”

He also thinks the PS3 port of the game would be the “most appreciative” work by the Mass Effect team as it isn’t only a simple port, “However, what I think Mass Effect fans on the PS3 will be most appreciative of is that this is not a simple port. The Mass Effect team has taken the time to utilise the PS3 hardware to the fullest in order to maximise your gameplay experience.”

The PS3 version of the game features the previously released DLC missions: Overlord, Lair of the Shadow Broker and Kasumi. In addition, it boasts “an interactive in-game comic that allows players new to the franchise to experience Mass Effect 1 while making the story choices that have repercussions in Mass Effect 2” since Microsoft owns the rights to Mass Effect.

Mass Effect 2 PS3 releases tomorrow on the PS3.

Source US PlayStation Blog

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