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IGN Reviews Mass Effect 2 PS3, Scores 9.5/10

Posted in PS3 Reviews
at 2011.01.18
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IGN has reviewed Mass Effect on PS3 and gave it an overall score of 9.5/10. It praises Mass Effect 2’s graphics, saying “Mass Effect 2 was a beautiful game the first time around, and it still looks great. Perhaps even better now that it’s running on Mass Effect 3’s engine.”

Overall it heaped high praise on to the game. “Few games have the lasting appeal factor that Mass Effect 2 does. This is a title that absolutely requires you to play through at least twice to see everything… and you’ll be glad you did.”

Read the full review here.

2 responses to “IGN Reviews Mass Effect 2 PS3, Scores 9.5/10”

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