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Killzone 3 Reviews Round-Up

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at 2011.02.06
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There is still two weeks left before Killzone 3 releases, but reviews have already started to hit the web, and guess what, we’ve got it all rounded up in one place for you to check out.

The hugely awaited PS3 exclusive actioner has acquired an 87 percent Metacritic average score. Check out the separate reviews around the web below. More reviews will be added soon as we get them.


Killzone 3 releases on February 22 (US) and February 25 (EU) exclusively on the PS3.

One response to “Killzone 3 Reviews Round-Up”

  1. GamerKid says:

    sorry for off-topic but I can’t contain myself! :mrgreen:
    Halo Combat Evolved HD coming this holiday season! WOOT WOOT!

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