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Xbox One Revealed And Everything You Need To Know In One Place

At long last the Xbox One has been revealed and boy do we have every bit of the juicy details for you.

If you can’t wait to see what it looks like, scroll down below to catch a glimpse. Or check out this close up photoshoot of the Xbox One, the new controller and the new Kinect.

First up the juicy specs.

500GB hard drive
Custom AMD chip with 8-core CPU that is “four times quieter” than Xbox 360.
Blu-ray drive
HDMI 1.4 output
Three separate 802.11n radios.
WiFi Direct
USB 3.0
1080p and 4K supported.
7.1 surround sound
Kinect bundled with 250,000-pixel infrared depth sensor and 1080p web cam.

For a comparison of the Xbox One and PS4 specs, head on here. GS has also done an in-depth video comparison of the two.

Microsoft says that the Xbox One will release “later this year” and retailers expect it sometime around November 30.

One neat feature of the Xbox One is that it offloads processing tasks to the cloud. If that genuinely works out, we console gamers may not have to be stuck with the same hardware power in a console cycle. For more info, read on the Xbox One’s architecture discussion by the engineers.

Next up the shockers. The Xbox 360 controllers and games won’t work on the Xbox One. Your current XBLA games won’t work either on the Xbox One. VG247 has an interesting read on the different direction Microsoft is taking the Xbox One in comparison to the PS4.

Remember Ryse? Now, it’s an Xbox One exclusive from Crytek.

You’ll be able to instantly resume save games from the point you left off but the hard drive isn’t user replaceable. It does support external storage devices.

Used game sales are a bit iffy at this moment but the Xbox One will be always online. Here’s Microsoft trying to explain the game ownership details.

The press is divided on Microsoft’s approach with the Xbox One. Industry analysts say that “Microsoft has a capable platform in the living room battle”. However, the press believes that Microsoft is off to an awful start with the Xbox One.

Next up, the new Kinect is getting some decent praise from the press. Check out the video demonstration.

The new Kinect uses a proprietary connector so you can’t plug it into a USB port on the PC. Microsoft has confirmed that the Kinect will be available for the PC “at some point down the line.”

The new Xbox controller is more ergonomic and IGN has a hands-on with it.

Finally, if you’ve missed the big event, check out the edited highlights below:

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