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PS4 Won’t Require Always Online Connection, Breaking Up Sony, Leaving Behind Modern Warfare, Last of Us 20 Min Gameplay Video And More

at 2013.06.01
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Good news Sony fans and those with crappy internet. The PS4 will not require an always online connection to play games. PS4 architect Mark Cerny has said that “the PS4 is not a permanent connection system but the experience is richer if you are”. All we need now is Microsoft to come out and say the same about the Xbox One.

Infinity Ward is saying adios to the Modern Warfare brand. If you can recall a time when we actually got excited by a new Call of Duty release. That was the time when Call of Duty 4: (The first And Only Real And Sooo Not Milking The Franchise) Modern Warfare was announced and subsequently released to critical acclaim. I also took the liberty to expand the title a bit. That was when Modern Warfare toppled Medal of Honor.

So, why is the upcoming Call of Duty called “Ghosts” and not “Modern Warfare [add one to previous MW game]”? The studio has said it was “not a hard decision, but a long decision” to say farewell to the Modern Warfare moniker.


Except, five years from now, they’ll say the same about Call of Duty: Ghosts 5.

Does the word “The Last of Us” and “20 minute gameplay footage” in the same sentence cause your eyes to bulge? Save yourself the trouble and instead watch it below:

If you enjoyed Dragon Age: Origins but thought that Dragon Age 2 was just a glorified FedEx courier quest, you may want to take a look into Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. BioWare may very well be going back to what made Dragon Age so engrossing in the first place and the game has been spotted for Xbox One. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll know that the PC version is the way to go.

Do you know when something needs defending? It’s when that something falls below expectation (hint, the Xbox One reveal event). Just Cause studio founder has defended the reveal event saying that it allows Microsoft to “focus entirely on gamers at E3.”

Sony is considering splitting their company into two – one to focus on entertainment and the other to focus on electronics.

Finally, in PC gaming news, the awesome Metro: Last Light is “significantly outselling” the first one. That’s to be expected if you put hard work in and the game turns out better than its predecessor.

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