Modern Warfare 2 Glitch Users To Be Suspended From Xbox Live

After the controversial banning of a million users from Live just for playing pirated Modern Warfare 2 on their modded consoles, Microsoft is at it again. This time it is less serious, players who are using the Javelin Glitch in Modern Warfare 2 will be suspended from Xbox Live. The first suspension will last for 24 hours, but subsequent ones can result in being suspended for 2 weeks.

Stephen Toulouse, Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE, has tweeted that “While IW works on getting the MW2 glitch fixed, people we catch using it will recieve suspensions from LIVE. Play fair everyone. :>”
“For those asking, it’s not new that we issue suspensions for cheating/glitching, and we do it for more then just MW2. :>”

If You’re Looking To Get Banned (How To Do It)

If getting suspended is your cup of tea, then by all means here’s a youtube video to get you started. Detailed instructions can be found at PSU. :grin:


A patch has been released which fixes this glitch.

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13 Responses to “Modern Warfare 2 Glitch Users To Be Suspended From Xbox Live”

  1. what is the javelin glitch?

  2. @ James

    If you enable the javelin glitch and anyone shoots at you, you blow up taking everyone around you with you.

  3. @The Gaming Wiz/Mushfiqur Rahman

    i just bought my xbox 360 15 days ago & i have signed into xbox live.i’ve got a free one month trial gold membership which will expire in 15 days…
    without the gold membership u won’t be able to play multiplayer with other xbox live players….
    so i’m thinking about buying a gold membership..
    where can i buy a 12 month gold membership in bd?

    btw….my xbox 360 is modded & i haven’t got banned from xbox live.

  4. @ sng425

    Congrats on the purchase mate, add me to ur list, gamertag TUSHAR451 (on a side note – I haven’t logged into Xbox Live for well over a month). Anyway, u r playing pirated games on a modded console on Live? Ouch, its a one way ticket to MS banhammer :twisted: (

    :arrow: I buy all my microsoft points/live subscription from for well over 2 years. Good service with instant delivery, but you do require international credit card.

  5. @The Gaming Wiz/Mushfiqur Rahman

    got it !

  6. @The Gaming Wiz/Mushfiqur Rahman

    ah,i have read ur article about the ms banhammer….
    but the thing is i’m also playing Modern Warfare 2 online with my other xbox live friends in my modded xbox 360 from the day i bought it ! & i haven’t got banned !

  7. @The Gaming Wiz/Mushfiqur Rahman

    oh,sorry i wanna ask u a one more question,the thing is i do have an international credit card,but is the site trusted ? & i have visited the site as u recommended,but there is only 2 paying options – 1st one is paypal,which is not supported in our country.& the 2nd one is google checkout.but unfortunely i don’t know anything about the 2nd one.can u tell me how does it work?

  8. @ sng425

    “i’m also playing Modern Warfare 2 online with my other xbox live friends in my modded xbox 360 from the day i bought it ! & i haven’t got banned !” :shock: :shock:

    About that site, ya it is trustworthy. Since Google Checkout handles the payment its completely secure. Just create a Google checkout account with the credit card and ur done. :grin:

    :arrow: One thing tho. There are two types of xbox live cards – us & eu. Since I created my account while i was in the us, its not a problem for me. I dont know which one u should purchase if u create the account from BD. hmmm… if ur 360 is PAL region then a EU one is the safest bet…. just get a 1 month one to be sure.

  9. @The Gaming Wiz/Mushfiqur Rahman

    looks like my 360 region is ntsc….so which one should i buy?the us or the eu?
    i think i should buy the us…..
    anyway thnx 4 the support !

  10. @ sng425

    No problem. :smile: Yes, try the US version. Let me know how it turns out.

  11. @The Gaming Wiz/Mushfiqur Rahman

    ok,i will try the us version.but one thing,i don’t understand which one is the us version…cus there is no details about that,& when i click on the google checkout icon something appears like this -

    Order Details – Sola Fide Inc, 408 888-2350, 15310 Amberly Dr, Suite 250, Tampa, FL 33647 US Edit order
    Qty Item Price
    1 Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Card – WORKS WORLDWIDE

    Subtotal: $42.95
    Shipping and Tax calculated on next page

    it says’”Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Card – WORKS WORLDWIDE” but there is nothing mentioned about the us version or eu version….

  12. @sng425

    Ah yes. It works worldwide. :mrgreen:

  13. modern warfare 2 and 1 both r crap!!! infinity ward go to hell and eat crap!!!

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