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Players Cannot Free Roam After Fallout: New Vegas Ends

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at 2010.08.23
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Sorry folks. You can’t free roam in Fallout: New Vegas after the main storyline ends. Just as in Fallout 3.

Obsidian has said New Vegas’s ending includes too many “major” events, meaning players will have to start a new game and not continue on as before.

“We put a lot of effort into the ending slides – we know those slides are really popular with people so we want to make sure there’s a huge amount of variety and reactivity with that stuff. We weren’t really focused on new features so much as to add a really rich sense of reactivity to the players and the choices they make,” Josh Sawyer, project director on the game, told 1UP.

“We want to make it a definitive ending. Initially, we talked about trying to support post-game play, but because the changes that can happen at the end of the game are pretty major, this is what it basically came down to: either have the changes feel really major in the end slides and then have them not be very major after the end of the game, or make them really minor and not that impactful.”

Fallout: New Vegas releases on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 19 2010 (USA) and October 22 2010 (EU).

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