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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Now Available In Bangladesh Market

Posted in Bangladesh News
at 2010.11.10

Several retail shops have called Gamersworldbd today to let us know that Call of Duty: Black Ops is now available for purchase.

SOF at Banani let us know that Black Ops on Xbox 360 is already sold out. They will have new stock by tomorrow.

The PC version of Black Ops is now also available.

If you want to save cash, we recommend downloading the game online.

10 responses to “Call Of Duty: Black Ops Now Available In Bangladesh Market”

  1. @jdking79

    You’ll have a hard time finding original PC games in Dhaka. I suggest buying online at if you have international credit card. More info @

    SOF is located at UAE Market, Banani, contact No. Tel: 9887384

    They don’t sell PC games there.

  2. jdking79 says:

    Hey guys sry, but im new to bangladesh. What shop is SOF and do they sell the original copy of black ops for PC? and at what price?

  3. Rabbi says:


    the pc version is about the same size of xbox 360 but i dont know why in contrary ps3 version clocked in @15+gigs 😯 in compressed state btw 😕

  4. @rakib2099
    The Xbox 360 version is at 7.39 GB.

  5. rakib2099 says:

    what is the actual download size of the game?

  6. @Rabbi

    Thanks for the info. Will post it up on Gamersworldbd soon.

  7. Rabbi says:


    Got my genuine ps3 break v1.2 😀 today and checked it and it updates fine 😛 therefore its the original one :mrgreen: The source through which i have got is the only genuine solution i know off and those shops jailbreaks are unupgradeable.As a result i recommend everyone this source:

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