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Microsoft Is Not Spying On You. Xbox One Region Locked, Not Backwards Compatible And The Last Of Us Demo

at 2013.05.27
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You know that Microsoft isn’t a stalker, right? So, the fact that the new Kinect in the Xbox One has an always-on listening feature isn’t alarming at the very least. And not creepy at all. That’s because the company has said that they “aren’t using the Kinect to snoop [on people]”. We believe ya and it makes us feel so comfortable.

Turns out, the Xbox One won’t be the one console to rule (all regions) of the world. Because it’s region locked. Not surprising since its commonplace.

What is disappointing is the fact that Xbox One will not be backwards compatible with Xbox 360. That’s because the upcoming console uses an entirely different x86 architecture similar to the PC.

If you’re excited about the Last of Us, make sure to grab the demo. IGN has done a video on what you can expect out of the demo.

Finally the Xbox 360 isn’t going away anytime soon and you can expect another 5 years from the console.

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