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PS4 More Powerful Than Xbox One, Both Beat High End PCs, CoD: Ghosts Screenshots And GTA V Special Editions

Now that both the Xbox One and PS4 has been revealed, we can begin the next gen console wars once again.

Analysis of both the next gen consoles innards have revealed that the PS4 could be as much as 50% more powerful than the Xbox One. But does it matter to game developers? Surely, exclusives will look better on a powerful console. But multi-platform games will tend to run smoothly for both the powerful and less-powerful console.

EA has said that both consoles will be more powerful than today’s high-end PCs. We say, finally! It’s been so long that our monstrous GPUs remained unused in our 8 core, multi gigabyte gaming machines. We’ve been waiting for the consoles to catch up so we can (finally) see another leap in graphical fidelity. And give it a year or two and PC hardware will once again surpass the consoles and we can play the waiting game once again.

As powerful as our PCs may be, but does anyone get the feeling that Microsoft has been neglecting the PC gaming market? That’s because Microsoft still won’t focus on “traditional desktop PC game”. More on it here.

Next up, we have new Call of Duty Ghosts screenshots and PCG did a splendid job analyzing them. If you can’t wait for more Call of Duty (they do come out every year, you know), head on to the site.

Finally, Rockstar has detailed the GTA V special editions. It looks neat and all but we gotta say, are you still buying physical games?

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