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Sony E3 2013 Press Conference Wrap Up, PS4 To Launch At $399 “Guns Blazing”

at 2013.06.12
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Sony’s E3 press conference is over and we have the highlights here at

The PS4 has been shown off in all it’s glory here.

Sony has announced that the PS4 will cost $399 at launch, a full 100 bucks less than Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Sony announced that the PS4 will not have any sort of restrictions on used games and has no requirements to check in online, to much applause. Watch it below:

Speaking in an interview, Sony Europe boss Jim Ryan has said that they will “launch with all guns blazing”.

There is going to be a fee to playing online multiplayervsimilar to Xbox Live.

PS4 Launch titles include Killzone: Shadowfall, Knack and Driveclub. Trailers below:

Other PS4 games include:

The Order: 1886

Final Fantasy 15 for both PS4 and PS3:

Kingdom Hearts 3:

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm is Reborn, Elder Scrolls Online, Mad Max and a host of indie titles.

The Dark Sorcerer from Quantic Dream:

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