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Xbox One Won’t Work In Bangladesh, PS4 Vs Xbox One Size Comparison, How To “Share” Games On The PS4 And The UI

at 2013.06.13
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Yes, you read that right. Let me say again, the Xbox One won’t work fully in Bangladesh. It may not even work at all.

By now we all know that the Xbox One requires a minimum of 1.5 Mbps connection and you need to login every 24 hours to authenticate with Microsoft’s servers.

But Microsoft has published a list of countries that is supported. And Bangladesh is not on that list, meaning you may not be able to login or authenticate your game if you have a Bangladeshi IP address.

Microsoft responded by saying:

Now we contacted Microsoft directly, asking if the Xbox One will work in Bangladesh if we imported the console from a supported country.

Speaking exclusively to Gamersworldbd, Microsoft urged us to “buy a console in a region that you live in”. And since the Xbox One will not officially launch in Bangladesh, there are doubts it will even work if someone finally decided to import one.

Digging a little deeper we can assume that if you manage to create an Xbox Live account in any of the supported countries, you may be able to use that account on the Xbox One in Bangladesh.

But we can make no guarantees or what features may or may not work. And Microsoft may even change their policy in the future or ease restrictions.

For example, you may be able to play a game based in Bangladesh without being able to purchase add-ons or DLCs from the Xbox Live marketplace.

If you think that the Xbox One is a giant black box, well it is a really giant black box. It is even bigger than the old, fat version of the PS3. By comparison, the PS4 is much, much smaller. Just take a look below:

If you’re wondering how it feels to hold the Xbox pad and the Dualshock 4 in hand and how it compares to the other, read this up.

Sony showed off a hilarious clip on how to “share” games on the PS4 at their E3 press conference. This is aimed directly at the Xbox One. Watch it below if you missed it:

It basically involves two steps. First, find a friend. Second, share the game!

Finally, here’s the PS4 UI in action:

4 responses to “Xbox One Won’t Work In Bangladesh, PS4 Vs Xbox One Size Comparison, How To “Share” Games On The PS4 And The UI”

  1. Mafiul says:

    If you get banned from Xbox Live on the new Xbox One, You lose the licenses to all of your games, too!

  2. Rahul says:

    pfft as if we were gonna buy an xbox one anyways lol

  3. @Mushfiqur

    Hey man and welcome to the blog! Feels eerie having a conversation with someone with my name 😀

    Anyway, I’m one of those guys that ends up getting almost all the consoles mainly due to the exclusives. I’m really excited for Forza 5. But should I say, “was?” What’s the point if it doesn’t even work in BD?

  4. Mushfiqur says:

    The only reason if I would buy Xbox One would be for..Halo. But oh well, thanks to your tweet, it is now confirmed that it wouldn’t work even if we brought it from abroad. Oh wait! Did anyone even consider buying XBOne? 😛

    PS4 FTW!!!

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