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PS4 Leading Xbox One In Consumer Polls And Assassin’s Creed 4 : Black Flag Ship Carnage Gameplay Trailer

Amazon has just ended their consumer poll between the PS4 and Xbox One. The PS4 won with around 95% of votes with a total vote of 38,984. The Xbox One came in at a measly 2162 votes. Now an Amazon survey is not representative of gamers as a whole. But it does show how far [...]

Call Of Duty Ghosts Into The Deep And No Man’s Land Gameplay Trailers

Activision has revealed two new Call of Duty Ghosts trailers, ahead of E3 2013. Into the Deep features some sweet underwater gameplay and builds up the tension quite nicely. I won’t spoil anything for you guys. The second trailer, No Man’s Land showcases the new Ghosts Dog named Riley in action. Yup, you read that [...]

Watch Dogs Vs GTA V Ubi Responds, The Last Of Us Sequel, Deus Ex: The Fall New Trailer, Cyberpunk 2033, Snake Revealed For MGS 5 And More

Hello there Gamersworldbd readers and welcome! Let me start by thanking everyone who provided their feedback on our Facebook page. Gamersworldbd will now feature more of the latest news of your most anticipated games. From the feedback, readers are most excited about Watch Dogs, GTA V, NFS Rivals, The Last of Us, Assassin’s Creed 4: [...]

FIFA 14 First Gameplay Trailer, GTA 5 Not Worried About Next Gen, Forza 5 1080P At 60FPS And More

Evening soccer fans. You’re gonna be interested in the very first FIFA 14 gameplay trailer. I won’t ruin your enthusiasm by yapping on anymore so you can watch it below: FIFA 14 is scheduled for release on 24 September 2013 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. We all know that GTA V isn’t going [...]

The Last of Us Live Action And Multiplayer Trailers, Fable HD Remake, Xbox One Goes To Hollywood And More

You know that I’m crazy excited about a game when I’ve mentioned it 6 times in a row. Yup, it’s The Last of Us once again. But let’s get the other gaming news out of the way first. First up, the original Fable is getting an HD remake. The game will be called Fable Anniversary [...]

New Deus Ex: The Fall Teased, PS4, Xbox One Pricing, Halo Goes Mobile, The Last of Us 10/10 Reviews

Let me just say. The Last of Us is blowing away reviewers and my expectations are at an all time high for this game. But more on that later. First, Eidos teased a new Deus Ex game titled “The Fall”. A teaser has been released which you can watch below. It only shows the logo, [...]

The Last of Us Multiplayer Details Leaked, Ubi’s New Racing Game, Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Video, Remember Me Reviews And More

The Last of Us is developing quite a frenzy. Multiplayer details have been leaked and it’s shaping up to be quite an affair. Ubisoft is rumored to be working on a new racing game for next gen platforms nicknamed “The Crew”. It seems to be an open world racing game similar to Driver: San Francisco. [...]

PS4 Won’t Require Always Online Connection, Breaking Up Sony, Leaving Behind Modern Warfare, Last of Us 20 Min Gameplay Video And More

Good news Sony fans and those with crappy internet. The PS4 will not require an always online connection to play games. PS4 architect Mark Cerny has said that “the PS4 is not a permanent connection system but the experience is richer if you are”. All we need now is Microsoft to come out and say [...]

The Last of Us First Review, PS4 “All About Gamers”, Saints Row 4 Box Art Revealed And GRID 2 Launch Trailer

The very first Last of Us review has been leaked to the internet. It’s all praises, saying the game could be “the best game of the generation”. The game has been awarded 5/5 by Empire Online. We here at Gamersworldbd have very high hopes for the game but we’ll reserve judgement till after we have [...]

Need For Speed Rivals Announced For Nov 19, Trailer, PS4 Definitely Releasing This Year And Microsoft Wants To Sell A Billion Xbox Ones

EA has announced it’s latest in the Need For Speed series dubbed Rivals. It seems to go in the direction of Hot Pursuit and more cop chases. And let me tell you. Nothing feels better than being chased around by cops while blazing around in a supercar. Check out the teaser trailer below: Next up, [...]

Xbox One Revealed And Everything You Need To Know In One Place

At long last the Xbox One has been revealed and boy do we have every bit of the juicy details for you. If you can’t wait to see what it looks like, scroll down below to catch a glimpse. Or check out this close up photoshoot of the Xbox One, the new controller and the [...]

Batman Arkham Origins Official Trailer, More Xbox 720 News, Grid 2 And The Last Of Us Footage Plus RE: Revelations Review Scores

First up, we have the official Batman Arkham Origins trailer and box art below. Next, Kevin Conroy has been re-cast as the voice of Bruce Wayne in Arkham Origins. In case you’re wondering, he did the previous Arkham games. We’re all pretty excited that the Xbox 720 will be revealed tomorrow. Microsoft plans to do [...]

Xbox 720 Makes Bill Gates The World’s Richest Man Again, Ubi Loves The Wii U, Assassin’s Creed Film Release Date And More Gran Turismo 6 Footage

Bill Gates has overtaken Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim to be the world’s richest man once again. His wealth has been bolstered by the excitement surrounding the upcoming Xbox 720 and an increase in Microsoft’s share price. EA may not have love for the Wii U, but Ubisoft is all praises. “As with any new [...]

PS4 And PS Vita Remote Play, GTA V Screenshots, Remember Me, Last Of Us And Arkham Origins Trailer

Hello and welcome back to your daily dosage of gaming news. First up we have some PS4 news. Sony has suggested that all PS4 games will be playable on the PS Vita via Remote Play. And in more PS4 news, new job postings at Sony hint that the PS4 will have voice recognition capability built [...]

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